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Pixelated Wall

What do we share and do we bare on these online spaces..

I sometimes cringe at the cracks that people reveal

the delicate truths and flawed forays into the psychosis that is the human experience

sometimes I am moved by the openness, the vulnerability, the generosity to let us in

what are the psychological implications of this public platform that becomes a space that might have been sitting by the hudson river at 2am under dark of night and the impossible quiet of New York

or on an hour long phone call when time did not exist

or on a subway ride too long to discuss

maybe I am too old, to old school to share it all on this book

maybe we will meet over a drink, a walk, a talk somewhere close by, a park, a streetlight, or at your house in your kitchen with a cup of tea

I know this pixelated wall won't ever replace that for me.

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