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My body is not up for sale

You are not allowed to touch me

Because I smiled your way

Or because you bought me a drink at the bar

Or even because you gave me a ride and I kissed you

My body is not up for sale

My body belongs to me

And is not for your amusement

Unless I allow it to be

I refuse to be treated with the same disrespect as my ancestors

Standing upon crates

Forced to appear naked in front of a thousand European eyes

Whose counterparts may not have the same sized thighs

My body is not up for sale

I cannot be bought and sold because you enjoy my cleavage

And think maybe your homeboy will too

My body is not up for sale

If I choose to lay with you

You should not feel obliged to share such delicate information with your friends

Thats bullshit

My body is a temple

I’m selective of what goes inside of it

I alone hold the key to my sanctity

My body is not up for sale

You do not get to touch me because you are a white male

And somehow someway

People with those characteristics tend to enjoy much more freedoms than black females

I often wonder how my vagina makes me lesser than

My vagina bares life

What can you do?

My body is not up for sale

It is also not a fortress

It is delicate and sweet

And only allows others inside who provide similar treats

My body is not up for sale

Because I am a woman

And women cannot be bought

We are the salt of the earth

We were given as a gift to the universe

To help care for our counterparts

So why are we treated like objects?

Why are we treated like we are replaceable

We are royaltie

And my crown is not up for sale.

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