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Equilibrium Delirium

Mz Jayne, Mz Cortez

Mz Anthrope with eye on hope

Standing stock still in the whirlwind

Let the gutters run dry and high around you, O

Unstoppable Unsinkable

Living the unthinkable thought

So in it

You direct it

You spit it

Before spitting was spitting you spat

You speak the world on fire

Where you’re at is where it’s at

Once I asked Mel if he’d consider doing a book cover

He said, “I only do that for Jayne” Obviously

The only cover for a Jayne Cortez poem

Would be by Jayne Cortez

Mz Jayne, Mz Cortez

You were dope before dope said Nope

You rocked the rail

You nailed the nail

Can’t lock you up you jumpstart bail

So on it

You’re beyond it

Jayne got it, the world is late

“See You Later” on her tombstone

I keep learning what you taught

Don’t just do something, stand there

Let the air be the billows

Let the flames lick the clouds to orgasm

You say Cuba You say Dogon

The world could never catch up

Cause you would never let up

The world says congratulate

You say coagulate

Blood thicker than bullshit any day

Just ride the City and its garbage potential

Just let that drum shake itself into poetry

No architect for the ear but you say so

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