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Mamouns: Falafel and Fonseca

I have been looking at this painting nearly my whole life

I walk into a small spot with beats blasting

arabic party vibes and a line full of the new york mix

families, drunks, jazz cats, artists, and students

I remember one night these two indian cats strolled in asking for the hot sause

they did not know what they were in for..

Pita drencehd in red followed by humbled tears

the place to refuel after a gig

after a much needed stroll

the best tahini in town

the quickest service

The lentil soup

the real smile

I have been going here since 78

Pops used to take me

I used to live on the block

its comfort food NYC style

I have seen it renovated

seating changed

that painting

makes me feel connected to a nyc that is very different to the one I once knew

thankful this painting is still here for a blast from the past

enjoyed in the present

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