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You do not want me around your children....

I will simply ruin them

Teach them to walk on clouds

And treat authority like the illusion it is...

They will remain youth until such time that

it is appropriate for them to put on the armor

of their countrymen, take up the swords of their mothers

and march into the abyss, and march on....

Not an eon before, not a single drop of blood after

I'm horrible at dinner parties, and first dates

I cant say what you want, my punchlines are at the wrong time

And I pay attention to all the wrong details

Like how your legs accessorize with the interesting soliloquy

on community development and how cross referencing diasporic arts can change those communities for the better

And 'm not staring at your breasts (although stare worthy), I'm admiring the soul that's glowing as you excitedly

solve the rubix cube riddle that is existence, and you almost have me convinced

What I should of been doing is complimenting the detail you took to put the right shade of eyeliner with your blouse

Missed it...

I laugh at inside jokes that reveal the comedy embedded in tragedy

I dont take requests, or orders....

But I do give reverence, praise and a helping hand....

I'm at a loss for words often, not because I dont know what to say

But I lose them often, literally I've put whole novels somewhere in the right side of my brain

And somewhere mid discussion they just fall out

When I come to, everyone in the room has glazed donut holes over their eyes

And someone is weeping tears of joy and sadness at the same time

(you can tell them apart by how rapidly they move downhill)

Do not introduce me to anyone you respect or admire

I'll get you fired, or disowned or worse...

I have this bad habit of seeing auras around things

And the ghosts that walk next to people

And I just cant help but point this out...

Now its stupid, since I'm the only one that sees these things...

But still...I'm compelled, and it just ends up a big mess....

I will say the wrong thing at the right time

And the right thing at the wrong time

Think about that for a minute. Then never think of it again

I think too fast, ask too little and tell too much

Its a wonder I haven't been run over by a comet

Or assassinated by my character

Either way, saying the first thing that comes to my heart has gotten me this far

But just keep me far away as possible from your kids...

They'll probably end up like me.

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